Lone Star Jr Bassmasters

2024 Jersey / Hoodie Purchase

2024 LSJrBM Jersey / Hoodie Purchase Page

Welcome to the 2024 Jersey / Hoodie Purchase Registration for Lone Star Jr Bassmasters!

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Using this online order form will send your order and your dollars to LSJrBMs.   LSJrBMs will collect the dollars and order inputs and submit an aggregate order to Zexez weekly on Fridays to obtain wholesale pricing.

If you want to order your jerseys directly from Zexez on your schedule and pay normal price (not wholesale) then follow the instructions on the LSJrBM Website to fill out the appropriate team sheet(s) and contact Zexez directly as per those instructions.

For comparison purposes, the difference between "parent-direct" pricing and "wholesale" pricing is as shown below?

Design Wholesale (club pay) Parent Pay
ZT100 Design 1 Short Sleeve Crew Neck $23 $30
ZT326 Design 2 Long Sleeve Jersey W/ Hood $28 $46
ZT101 Design 3 Long Sleeve Crew Neck $28 $40
ZO100 Design 4 Long Sleeve Hoodie $34 $50

To complete purchase through our secure site, please have your Visa or MasterCard information available.