Lone Star Jr Bassmasters

2024 Youth Membership Registration


Welcome to the 2024 Youth Angler Membership Registration with Lone Star Jr Bassmasters!

Angler members only need to submit this registration once for the 2024 calendar year.  BASS Nation enables 2024 sign-up in Sept 2023. 

Each monthly tournament will require separate unique tournament event registration and those links will be available monthly.

Adult Volunteer/Boat captain registration will be via separate registration which will  require SafeSport certification and background check following the THSBA model.

LSJrBM Club Dues of $40 ($10 for Texas BASS Nation and $30 for National BASS Nation) will be payable online through this registration with a small fee.

Because you may pay these dues through other clubs or organizations you will not be required to pay them again here, so you will be asked in this registration to only pay the remaining portion that makes you whole within LSJrBM.  (Whole meaning that you have paid your state and national dues).

Note: if you pay TBN dues through joining or signing up for another club or trail, you DO NOT need to pay those same dues AGAIN through Lone Star Jr Bassmasters.  During registration you will be given the opportunity to by pass payment to join if you have previously paid those $40 dues through another organization or trail

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.